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Doing the Right Thing: Session 1

This LibGuide was created to accompany the Chapel Series "Doing the Right Thing."

Discussion Questions

How Did We Get Into This Mess?

1.    What training did you have in ethics in your educational experience?  Was it regulated to a particular class?   Was it infused throughout the curriculum?  What kind of topics did you cover?

2.    In trying to find a cause for the moral collapse in America the video mentioned the potential role of government, education, family, and the individual.  What are some of your thoughts on the role that each of these might play in ethics and morality?  Feel free to address this from the context of your academic training/major.

3.    The video mentions the cultural problem associated with moral relativism.  Is there a cultural aspect to ethics or morality?  If so, what is it?  If not, why not?

4.    The video suggests there is a difference of opinion on whether everyone should be trained in ethics or whether only specialists should be trained.   What are your thoughts on the question mentioned in the video, “should everyone be an ethicist?”   How might this impact the way UVF does education especially in your department?

5.    The video suggests that morality can and should be debated via our political system of a “deliberative democracy.”  What role should a Christian take in a “deliberative democracy” regarding ethics and morality?

6.    What role can UVF play in dealing with the ethical crisis the world is experiencing?

Journal Articles

These articles are available through UVF databases. You may need your MyValleyForge logon information to access them.