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Doing the Right Thing: Session 3

This LibGuide was created to accompany the Chapel Series "Doing the Right Thing."

Discussion Questions

If We Know What Is Right, Can We Do It?

1.    What are the virtues?  What defines “people of character?” 

2.    Is the assumption that “character can be built” accurate?  If so, how?

3.    What can UVF do to help its members develop character if they did not grow up in a healthy family?

4.    How can UVF improve as a community in building character and morality?

5.    How can UVF foster accountability for the development of morality and character?

6.    What is healthy accountability?  What are signs of unhealthy accountability?

7.    Is there such a thing as a virtual community where this kind of character development can take place?  If so, what is it or how would it function?

8.    What is the role of the “higher power” in the building of character?  Can character be built outside of a Judeo-Christian worldview of God?

Journal Articles

These articles are available through UVF databases. You may need your MyValleyForge logon information to access them.