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Doing the Right Thing: Home

This LibGuide was created to accompany the Chapel Series "Doing the Right Thing."

Doing the Right Thing

This guide was created to provide supplemental resources for the Doing The Right Thing Chapel Series in the 2011-2012 school year.  Doing The Right Thing is a six part exploration of Ethics and modern America.  Join hosts Brit Hume, Chuck Colson, Dr. Robert George and a distinguished panel as they undertake a six part exploration of Ethics before a live student audience in Princeton, NJ. The panel, students and interviewed guests will examine and discuss these questions over six thirty minute sessions.

The dates and topics for these discussions are as follows:

September 12  How Did We Get Into This Mess?
November 21  Is There Truth or a Moral Law That We All Can Know?
January 18  If We Know What is Right, Can We Do It?
January 26  What Does It Mean To Be Human, and Why Does It Matter?
February 8  Ethics in the Market Place
March 26  Ethics in Public Life


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