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So...What Is There To Do Around Here?: Arts and Entertainment

Events and Activities to do within about an hour of campus


This area has tons of options for live shows, plays, musicals, and movies.  Here are some: 


Philadelphia has some great concerts, and some wonderful musicians! 

Enjoy the Arts!

Do you like art museums?  We’ve got some.  Intrigued by creative architecture?  There are truly unique examples nearby.  Would you rather walk around gardens?  We have plenty of them too.  And when you are tired from exploring all of that, relax and watch a show. 

Art Museums

These museums include art and antiques, and sometimes it is the building itself that is the work of art:


The Greater Philadelphia area is rich in public gardens, arboreta & historic houses with gardens:

Subject Guide


If shopping is your thing, here are some places to spend your money and get great stuff!