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APA Format Style Guide: Home

This guide will assist you in writing research papers using the American Psychological Association (APA) Style. It will help explain formatting your paper as well as proper citation for various resources.


Welcome to the APA Format Style Guide!  In this guide, you will learn the proper way to format your research papers and writing using the American Psychological Association's style.  

Starting Fall 2020 semester, all departments at UVF that utilize APA will transition to the 7th edition rules.  Changes will be highlighted from the 6th edition.  

American Psychological Association



The following UVF Departments use APA style:

Behavioral Sciences

Criminal Justice


Social Work



Always check with your professor to determine what citation style you should be using, as well as any assignment specific guidelines.

APA Guides Online

The following resources are available online through the American Psychological Association.  The APA also publishes a blog to discuss using the style in your research.  




It is important to note that while citation generators do in fact exist, they are not the best way to generate a citation for your paper.  It is much better to learn to write your own citations, particularly if you want to be able to go on to write professionally in your future careers.  If you need assistance with your citations, please feel free to contact the librarian at  You can also go to the Write Solution to have your paper proofread and citations checked.  Do not wait to do this until the last minute before your paper is due!  Plan to have everything checked a few days in advance to allow time for corrections as needed!

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Need assistance?  

Contact the librarian at

Go to the Write Solution.  

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Guide Citation

Information found in this guide is provided from the American Psychological Association guidelines.

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