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Business: Finance

This guide will assist you in doing research in the field of business.

Available in the Library:

These books, along with other titles, can be found in the Reference section of the Library.  Click on the cover to view the book in Amazon.  Click on the title to go to the record in the Library Online Catalog.  Be sure to check the Circulating collection for books you can check out, too.

Library Databases

These databases will be useful to you in your research: 

  Specialized Business Search Engines

Finance Websites - General

Here are some websites that will help as you research various aspects of personal and corporate finance.

Corporate and Company Research Websites

Please also see the Government Websites section. *Remember to consult the official websites of individual companies and corporations.

Stocks and Bonds

The following websites relate soley to the United States:

Mutual Funds


Real Estate

  Government Websites

Library Director

  Professional Associations

Here are some finance associations and organizations that may be of interest to you: