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Chicago/Turabian Format Style Guide: Newspaper Articles

This guide will assist in writing papers using the Chicago or Turabian style in the correct format as well as creating citations.

Notes-Bibliography Style

Citing a newspaper article is similar to citing a journal or magazine article.

You can usually omit the "The" from the name of a newspaper.  For example, The New York Times can simply be New York Times.  The name of an online news source can be treated the same way (Huffington Post, for example).  

Citing Newspapers in Notes

As a general rule, only cite articles and pieces of the newspaper or news website in your notes.  Only include news articles in your bibliography if they are critical to your argument or frequently cited.

Follow the format for citing magazines to cite your newspaper article.  Omit page numbers for both print and online editions.  You can clarify edition by adding "final edition" or "Midwest edition," for example, if applicable.  Include the URL for articles found online.  For articles found through a commercial database, list the database instead of URL.


1. "Residency Ruling: State Supreme Court Guts Local Control," Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, editorial, June 24, 2016.

2. John Pareles, obituary for David Bowie, New York Times, January 26, 2016, New York edition.

3. Associated Press, "Ex UConn Student Applies for Probation over Mac and Cheese Meltdown," USA Today College, November 23, 2015,

4. Rob Pegoraro, "Apple's iPhone is Sleek, Smart and Simple," Washington Post, July 5, 2007, LexisNexis Academic.